World Hepatitis Day and World Digestive Day

World Hepatitis Day and World Digestive Day

The theme for World digestive health day this year is hepatitis May 2018 to May 2019. As you know the world hepatitis day is 28thof July so this year is very special for us in this year all together Federal Ministry of Health, The National Centre for Gastrointestinal and liver diseases, the directorate of communicable and non-communicable disease FMOH, Khartoum Ministry of Health and The Sudanese society of Gastroenterology working very hard to start a National hepatitis program, the outlines of this program are:

1/ working with the WHO
➢ Making a survey for true prevalence.

2/working actively with the National immunization program to include the first dose at birth.

3/ Encouraging vaccination throughout the country particularly in:

➢ School children born before 2005
Medical schools.
Health field workers

4/ the establishment of hepatitis centers throughout the country.

➢ These centers will encourage and support voluntary screening and vaccination. Our target for this year is 4 centers in Khartoum and 5 centers in other states.

❖ Khartoum centers are selected by Khartoum Ministry of Health:

- Omdurman Al-Hijra, Abdelmunem Mohamed Health center
- Khartoum North , Al-haj Yousef, Nada health center
- Khartoum- Al-Zihoor Health center.

5/ establishment of supported virology lab at Ibn Sina hospital to minimize the cost of the viral load and other HBV markers. Also to provide it free of charge to the patients who can’t afford it.

6/ make the drug available with affordable price for the patient aiming for free drug in the future.

7/ strong hepatitis eradication Media campaigns.

❖ In this occasion we will be part of 2 international campaigns World digestive health day and world hepatitis Day, Thus we are planning to organize a function which will be part of this campaigns which will be announced and published in World Gastroenterology and world hepatitis websites and attended by President of the world Gastroenterology organization Professor Cihan Yurdaydin.
This will take place on August 10th, the activities will include:
- Media campaigns.
- Press conference Federal, Khartoum Ministries of Health.
- Vaccination campaign.
- Schools education programs about hepatitis (1 or 2 days campaigns)
- Marathon.
- Maybe Friday prayers educational campaign.
- Evening scientific program by Sudanese society of Gastroenterology for education of doctors and health professionals.


Final Summary & Recommendation of the workshop