NCGLD vision is to:

Improve & upgrade of Gastroenterology, GIT Surgery, GI endoscopy and Laparoscopy services in Sudan.

NCGLD missions are:

Development of the specialty of gastroenterology & Hepatology in Sudan.

Ensuring high standards of patients care.

Encourage GI training and research in Gastroenterology.

Upgrading & development of specialized GI services all over the country.

Directors of National Center for Gastrointestinal & Liver Diseases:

  • First director was Professor Suliman Salih Fedail 1995-2003.
  • Dr. Baha Gasmalsid 2003 -2007
  • Dr. Hamza Khamis 2008 -2012
  • Dr. Salma barakat 2012-2014
  • Dr. Abdelmounem E Abdo 2014 up to date


Key NCGLD achievements:

  • Establishment of a well equipped high standard Gastroenterology and endoscopy unit at Ibnsina Hospital, this unit is playing a major role in training of the Registrar in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and endoscopy training for specialists from many cities in Sudan.
  • Organization for training of 8 specialized endoscopy nurses in Germany, UK, France, South Africa; these trained nurses become the core for spread of training of endoscopy nurses all over Sudan & they are the key for success of the current endoscopy unit.
  • Professor Fedail established the first dedicated emergency Gastrointestinal bleeding centre in the region –Mohamed Salih Idris Bleeding Center (MSI) -, the Centre is funded by Sudanese businessman Mr. Mohamed Salih Idris who donated 1.5 million dollars, This Centre currently provides 24 hours emergency service free of charge for more than 2000 patient a year.
  • Establishment of strong International relationships with World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) & the Japanese institutions (Kyushu University).
  • This center organized several meetings & workshops in collaboration with Sudanese Society of Gastroenterology (SSG) & World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) including ultrasound, Basic & advance endoscopy workshops & endoscopynurses workshop. https://goo.gl/maps/Hy2Px5VWx212.

Word of Director:

The National center for Gastrointestinal & Liver diseases (NCGLD) was established in 1994 by a presidential decree as one of six specialized centers in Sudan.It is presently located in Ibnsina Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan which is a tertiary referral hospital for GI& liver diseases.

The first director; Prof. Suliman Salih Fedail established training programs for Physicians and surgeons in gastroenterology, endoscopy and GI surgery as well as training of dedicated endoscopy nurses. These training programs are ongoing up till now as well as training of GI fellows.

The main aim of the center is to promote and upgrade Gastroenterology, Hepatology and endoscopy services at Ibnsina Hospital and all over the country.
The center actively supports the establishment of GI service in several areas in the country and continuously provides technical and financial support to insure smooth running of these service all over Sudan.

Patient education is of paramount importance and the center works closely with the Sudanese society for liver and liver transplant patients in education campaigns especially for common disease like viral hepatitis and bilharsiasis.

Affiliate with the NCGLD is the bleeding center, an establishment donated by Mr Mohd Salih Idress for the management of patients with GI bleeding. Recently Mr Mohd Salih also kindly donated to build the first liver transplant center in Sudan under leadership of the NCGLD who is in the process of training of the staff as well as procurement of equipment to start this program.

The NCGLD works closely with the Sudanese Society of Gastroenterology and collaborates with other national and international GI organizations and colleges to develop gastroenterology in Sudan and Africa.