ERCP Workshop

ERCP Workshop

WGO Khartoum Training center
ERCP workshop 4-5 September 2019

  •  Many African countries don’t provide ERCP services, so we propose the idea of helping in establishing new ERCP centers and maintaining sustainability of these established ERCP centers. This workshop will set the base for this proposal.
  •  Registration will be open for 4 regional & 2 local trainees; Khartoum Training Center will be responsible for trainees registration & accommodation.
  • Selection criteria for the centre:

1. The centre should be located in a gastroenterology tertiary level service.
2. The centre has approval from the administration at the level of :
a. The centre.
b. The hospital.
c. University or the health care authorities.
for full autonomy (administrative and financial) in regards to the ERCP service.
3. The centre should have complete ERCP setup ( 2 video duodenoscope: Karlstors, Olympus ,Pentax , Fujenon ) Functioning Flouroscopy or CARM machine.
4. The centre has at least one doctor who is performing therapeutic Endoscopy procedures (band ligation, polypectomy).
5. The centre committed to the sustainability of the service, repair of the equipments Scopes and fluoroscopy in case of damage and maintain the ERCP accessories supply.

  •  Selection criteria for the trainee:

1. Good experience in diagnostic procedures (OGD, colonoscopies).
2. Has experience in intervention in Endoscopy.
3. Full commitment to the unit and ERCP service , preferable if the centre , hospital & University or health care authorities sign an agreement before the start of the training with the trainee stating that the trainee is obliged to run the service at least 2 years after accomplishment of the training mission.

  •  Workshop timetable:


Day 1: 4/September/2019

Lecture Hall:  Pro. Zaki Aldin Hall

Practical section:  Bleeding center

Towers & Scopes: 1-Olympus (ERCP)      2-Fujinon






ERCP: Introduction and techniques


Dr. Ahmed Yousif


Complications of ERCP


Dr. Ahmed Aldaw

9:30-  1:30

Practical Animals and plastic modules



Day 2: 5/September/2019

True patients (4 patients+ 2)  - ERCP room



  • Trainers:
  1. Dr. Abdelmounem Eltayeib
  2. Prof. Hatim M. Y. Mudawi
  3. Dr. Mohammed Yousif
  4. Dr.Ahmed Aldawi
  5. Dr.Bushra Ibnouf